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GSB Get Gold in Preliminary Round 1 | WCMSB 2011

GSB get Gold in pleminary Round I

hi guys , this is a good news for banten , and indonesia people , because indonesia get one gold in WCMSB 2011 competition
this is the score for Preliminary Round I ( yesterday )
WCMSB 2011 - Preliminary Round I
89.1 - Marching Band Gita Surosowan, Indonesia - Gold
87.6 - Calgary Stetson Marching Show Band, Canada, Gold
81.4 - MDO The Youth Wind Orchestra of The Music, CHEB, Czech Republic - Silver
79.9 - Eroh Dahana Putra Drum Corps, Indonesia - Bronze
76.3 - XILI Primary School Juvenile Band, China - Bronze

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Gita Surosowan banten | goes to malaysia | Marching Info

Gita Surosowan banten, have you ever heard of him in the championship GPMB or it might at another event? yes, gita surowosan banten is the band that was still young, but it does have achievements like long-lived band that had, in addition to a third place at the national level, gita Surosowan solohorn banten also have the best in Indonesia, and upper-class coach.

Currently Gita Surosowan banten will follow the tournament wcmsb2011 in malaysia kuala-lumpur, a contest that will be followed is

With a team like this order:

main: Cetar (Mochtar Lutfi)
brass: ricika iwukaska
Consultant brass: Zainur Rosyadi
Percussion: M.fahmi
Percussion Consultant: Iwan
Pit Instrument: vivi
Color guard: Ika

Gita Surosowan and team that will follow the championship banten wcmsb2011 numbered as below:
Brass: 64
Pit instrument: 9
Color Guard: 18
Percussion: 17
Field Commander: Kusnanto
2nd Field Commander: Ika

Above is a review I get for Gita Surosowan Banten, in the name of nation and people of Indonesia banten, let us pray to get great results .

MB. Gita Surosowan banten | Indonesia Corps Profile

Gita Surosowan banten is a government marching band, marching band Gita Surosowan banten, is a combination of selected students in the province banten, but in it there are also players who have the age to work, the whole purpose of marching band Gita Surosowan banten are dependents of government, like tools accommodation up to the player. marching band Gita Surosowan banten is one of the marching band in Indonesia that has the achievement increased very rapidly, within 6 years has had the following accomplishments:

2006: first follow GPMB 2006
2007: 10th position in a general category GPMB
2008: 5th position in the general category GPMB
2009: 4th position in a general category GPMB
2010: 10th position in a general category GPMB
2011: follow the international level Championship wcmsb2011 in malaysia kuala-kumpur upcoming July 23

In addition to the above achievements, marching bands often utilized susosowan banten provincial government for important events, such as during a ceremony at the government routinely gita Surosowan marching band, music was always present as instrumentnya. In the days of Indonesia, marching band Surosowan also been present as an instrument during the independence day ceremony in the palace of the Republic of Indonesia.

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World Championship Marching Show Bands Kuala Lumpur 2011 | Marching Competition

Present Malaysia Productions Sdn. Bhd. is the event organizer of World Championship Marching Show Bands Kuala Lumpur 2011, and brand custodian for the KLWMBC series of international marching band competitions. The company was incorporated in 2006 for the purpose of organizing the first KLWMBC. The company has since registered the KLWMBC name and logo and holds all intellectual property rights to the brand marks.

The founding partners of the company are all marching band enthusiasts and were even members of the same marching band themselves. Until the existence of the KLWMBC, there was no international marching band competition that was consistently hosted here in Malaysia. It was then decided that the time had come for Kuala Lumpur to have a home grown brand of marching band competition that was big and grand enough to attract the championship winning bands from around the world. This idea was the catalyst to the establishment of the company.

Aside from organizing the KLWMBC on an annual basis, the company is active in the development of marching bands here in Malaysia. These activities include the coaching and development of performances of many of the local school bands.

mcmsb2011 sites mentioned in this :
Marching bands from around the world will be arriving beginning 22 July. First to arrive will be bands representing Canada. The canadians will be strongly represented at this year's event with a contingent of over 300 participants.

event held in mcmsb2011 
23-24 July
arrival of bands
Pocket Shows

25 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Opening Ceremony/ Street Parade
8.30pm, Jln Bukit Bintang

26 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Welcome Dinner

27 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Preliminary Round I -
8.00pm, Stadium Bolasepak KL

28 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Preliminary Round II -
8.00pm,Stadium Bolasepak KL

29 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Drum Battle - Pavilion
National Schools Championship
8.00pm,Stadium Bolasepak KL

30 July
Pocket Shows - Pavilion/ KL Sentral
Grand Final - 8.00pm, Stadium Bolasepak KL

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The idea of ​​formation of  DC.Isen Mulang Setda Provinsi Kalteng , beginning in the 1980s. Tidal activity followed the idea of ​​marching band units in the 1980's to promote PDBI activity. PDBI establishment in the province of Central Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan province with the guidance of the Regional Secretariat and the purchase of marching band, and for the first time named "DRUM BAND BERINGIN". Expansion Unit DB.Beringin a y the idea to further improve the Marching Band Regional Provincial Government of Central Kalimantan is the first level driven bquality, strength and ability to carry out periodic large parades (Show) and follow the marching band marching band competitions. . Therefore the entire equipment units added and updated to adjust and the unit name changed to MARCHING BAND BINA PRAJA ISEN MULANG MB.Bina Praja now turned into DRUMCORPS ISEN MULANG SETDA PROVINSI KALTENG which has spawned among the players who could be assistant coaches or trainers who are scattered in Central Kalimantan province and become a pride for the Family Drum Corps Isen Mulang.

Sadaluhung Padjadjaran de Corps | Indonesia Corps Profile

"Sadaluhung" taken from the language of Ranah Padjajaran, which means "Suara Nan Agung" / "The Great Sound." Sadaluhung Padjadjaran de Corps (SPdC) is one of the oldest band Marching Unit in West Java with a myriad of performance and achievement. Established in 1984, Sadaluhung Padjadjaran De Corps not only a student unit with a large number of members (about 200 active members each year), but has also become one of the map strength is calculated Marching Band in Bandung and national level. Based on the National Ranking Indonesia Marching band Indomarching version (updated November 2009), ranked sixth nationally SPdC the Marching 105 band.

Sadaluhung Padjadjaran de Corps in 2009 this turn 25 years old Silver Age, from adults in their readiness to chase performance, improve quality, and tapping new history ..


Official Stand on the decision letter UNPAD Assistant Rector III: 21 December 1984
Strengthening the Mendikbud Assoc. Nugroho Notusanto (ALM): 17 April 1985
Change the name of the unit:


Marching in Concert appearances on the anniversary BIOFARMA, Bandung 12 August 2009
Sadaluhung appearance at the Jazz Big Band Goes to Campuss (JGTC) UI Jakarta 2008
Star guest HUT Sukabumi regency, 2008
1 ColorGuard Contest Champion Cup March 2008 the Governor of West Java
Third Place ColorGuard Darunnajah Marching Band Contest Contest February 26, 2008
Battle Darunnajaah Percussion Marching Band Contest in February 2008 3rd Grand Prix Marching Band XXIII at the Senayan Sports Stadium Jakarta, 29-30 December 2007
  • Stage 3 solo percussion school divisions
  • Stage 3 keyboard solo school divisions
  • Stage 1 horn duet school divisions
  • Stage 1 solo horn school divisions
3rd Grand Prix Marching Band XXII at the Senayan Sports Stadium Jakarta, 6-7 January 2007
  • Stage 2 solo percussion school divisions
  • Stage 1 horn duet school divisions
Newsletters Charity Concert at Gedung Sate Bandung, October 17, 2006
Topping Off Mall Metro Trade Centre, 2006
Seminar Mark Plus and co. in Bandung, 2006
Campus Compass, Music Two Generation in Jatinagor, 2006
Ceremony Music Corps HUT RI ke-60 Kemerdekaan di PT. Telkom, 17 August 2006
Featured at the event Bandung Percussion Drum Band Competition at the MTC Bandung, 6 August 2006
BIP Year End Festival in Bandung, December 31, 2005
Braga Festival in Bandung, December 2005
The opening of the Games BPD se-Indonesia in Bandung, September 2005
Charity Concert for Aceh in Jatinangor Sumedang, December 2004
Level 5 Grand Prix Marching Band XX in the Senayan Sports Stadium Jakarta, 28-29 December 2004
  • Stage 1 Percussion solo school divisions
  • Stage 2 of the horn duet school divisions
  • Stage 3 school divisions solo horn
Ceremony Music Corps HUT RI ke-59 Kemerdekaan di PT. Fertilizer Kujang Cikampek, 17 August 2004
Nine Year Opening FunBike Telkomsel in Bandung Super Mall, June 2004
2nd Grand Prix Marching Band XIX in Basket Hall Senayan Jakarta, December 2003
  • Stage 1 solo percussion school divisions
  • Stage 1 horn duet school divisions
Ceremony Music Corps HUT RI ke-58 Kemerdekaan di PT. Tristek, 17 August 2003
Opening FunBike Sewindu Telkomsel in Gazebo Bandung, June 1, 2003
The opening of China Tourism Shopping Emporium in Bandung, May 18, 2003
Stage 3 of the best bands on the 2nd Indonesian Percussion ensemble in 2002 views
  • Champion a bass drum on the 2nd Indonesian section Percussion ensemble in 2002 views
  • Champion a section on the 2nd Indonesian CYMBAL Percussion ensemble in 2002 views
  • Champion 2 team in the 2nd Indonesian tomp section Percussion ensemble in 2002 views

Drum Band SD Mexico | Indonesia Corps Profile

Hi friends, although this profile I can from other sites, may be able to assist you in finding the profile of the marching band

DB.SD Mexico since its establishment in 1967 is already a trendmark than dutch school that has been dinegerikan Party government of Indonesia in particular local government Prop.DKI Jakarta, the school is a cultural exchange between the Governments of Indonesia and Mexico are located in Jl.Hang streaky 5 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan DB SD Mexico have ups and downs along the way even though people know that Mexico is one of the elementary Elementary School extracurricular bands that have a unit which at that time were little. DB.Mexico resurrection occurred in 2005 with the composition of the Committee, the Board supported by DB

Mexico elementary school parents into a motivation force school children to participate Championship Mexico 2005 by becoming the champion GBJB III after DB.SD SD Saraswati Saraswati 4 and 4 who won I and II, although the first match at the national level, the 2006 Champion III Darulnayah championship marching on Competition (DMC) after a defeat by DB.Bontang and Patra Surabaya where held by DB.Bontang Winner and Second Place DB. Patra Surabaya.

Peak Achievement DB.SD Mexico is becoming a champion at Junior level General GPJB in 2006 by collecting 15 Cup Winner contested throughout the field as for the two Cup Winner DB.SD not seized because Mexico does not follow the field of Horn and Percussion Duet with Cup trophy Gold President, so also follow Darulnayah Marching Competation (DMC) 2007 Cup trophy held by Vice President DB.SD Mexico as a Champion with 13 Cup and 2 Cup Winner Second Place was captured by the children - children of Mexico. The change of the Committee and the Management of DB.SD Mexico does not follow GPJB 2008, but became Champion in Championship DMC Champion 2009 and 2009 In the new GPJB ago after revamping the management and stewardship of that due to regulations for students / grade 6 are not allowed following extracurricular activities but dikosentrasikan the State Exam.

Last achievements DB.SD Mexico:
  • Champion III In GPJB 2005 with 5 Cup Winner, Second Place 2 Cups and one Champions Cup III.
  • Champion III The DMC 2006 with 4 Cup Champion 1, 3 and 4 Second Place Cup Champion Cup III.
  • Champion In GPJB 2006 with 14 Cups Cup Winner and 2 Runner and a Cup Champion and received the Gold Cup three rotating President.
  • DMC Champion in 2007 with 16 Cups and a Cup Winner Second Place trophy gets the Vice President.
  • DMC Champion in 2008 in Senayan.
  • Champion in 2009 at the indoor Senayan GPJB.
  • National Appearances DB.SD Mexico:
  • Opening of the National Children's Day 2006 in Ancol along with President Yudhoyono.
  • Opening POR elementary / junior / senior high school national level in 2007 with the Education Minister TMII

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Marching Band Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri | Indonesia Corps Profile

MB BCK Duri history Marching Band Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri (MB BCK Duri) was established on 25 September 1999 in Duri, Mandau district, Bengkalis, Riau. MB BCK Duri is a marching band in the second set Cendana Education Foundation after MB BCK Rumbai who has stood first on April 2, 1987. BCK Duri has a meaning in every word. Bahana interpreted as sound, Cendana is the name of the educational foundation school where the members of BCK, Kartika is the star that signifies that every member of BCK are stars in school, and is the name of the establishment Duri Duri BCK.

This activity aims to channel the talents and skills in the arts of music, dance, and choreography. The container is also fostering its members become personal - a positive person, tough, disciplined, qualified, and able to organize and work together, which in turn can anticipate things - things that are not desirable as is the case - the case of drugs, fights antarpelajar and all other negative forms.

BCK Duri is one type of extracurricular school activities under Cendana Education Foundation which has a schedule of exercise three times a week, ie Friday, Saturday and Sunday at MB BCK Centre, SMP Cendana Duri. At its inception, BCK Duri shaped drum band with members of the students of elementary and junior Cendana Duri, but later developed into a marching band with members of the junior high students and high school Cendana Duri. However, drum band BCK Duri currently stand with members of the elementary students Cendana Duri.

At the initial appearance, the drum band followed BCK Duri Bandung Open Championship Marching Band (BOMB) held on 30 to 31 September 1999 and was ranked runner-up School Division. Then, in 2001, MB BCK Duri for the first time following the Grand Prix Marching Band (GPMB) in Jakarta and ranked runner-up school division. The next year, namely 2002, http://indomarching.blogspot.com/2011/07/marching-band-bahana-cendana-kartika.html back following the GPMB and successfully defended his performance won runner-up in the school division. In 2003, MB BCK Duri follow GPMB was absent, but returned later in the year following the GPMB, 2004, and ranked at three school divisions. In 2005, MB BCK Duri follow GPMB back and managed to reach number one school division, as well as rank two in general. In 2006, MB BCK Duri follow GPMB and re-ranked at one school division. In 2007, again following the GPMB and ranked at one school division for the third time that the school division championship trophies the president could remain in Duri and for all. In 2008, MB BCK Duri follow GPMB absent to attend an international championship in Malaysia, namely Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band and earned the accolade of gold. In addition to gold predicate, also ranks second race and ranked third parade Drum Battle. Then in 2009, again following the GPMB championship and once again ranked at a school division.

In addition to national and international championships, MB BCK Duri has held a number of performances, among them is the appearance on the show MTQ Dumai in Riau Province in 2005, Petro Cup in Jakarta in 2006, and HUT RI Office of the Governor of Riau on August 2008. MB BCK Duri also often participate in events held in the school environment, companies, and the province.

MB BCK Duri Achievements:

-Rating 2 Bandung Open Marching Band (BOMB) 1999
Runner-Up 2001 Division XVII GPMB School
Runner-Up 2002 Division XVIII GPMB School
XX-2004 Rating 3 GPMB School Division
GPMB XXI-2005 Division Champion School
GPMB XXII-2006 Division Champion School
-Division Champion 2007 GPMB XXIII School
Predicate gold-Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 9KLWMBC) 2008
Second Place-race Parade KLWMBC 2008
III-race champion KLWMBC 2008 Drum Battle

All of achievement that the full support of the Education Foundation Cendana, PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Riau Provincial and Local Government.

The composition of the Board of Trustees:

Advisory: President of YPC (Yayasan Pendidikan Cendana) Duri-Dumai Riau (Noor Bambang Siswoyo)
Person in charge: Deputy Director YPC Duri-Dumai Riau (Suwarti)
Chairman of Trustees: Rizal Haroen

The Leadership Structure of the Period 2009-2010:

Corps Commander: Fachri Alda
Deputy Corps Commander: Isti Seprina
Provost: Ferry Martin (coordinator)
Nurul Sharon
Radhika Firsdela Ratnaningtyas
Treasurer: Triani Wulandari
Secretary: Fabiola Marella Pardede
Staff Training: Gera Rozalia (coordinator)
Wahyuni ​​Mardiono
Ralista Firdany Haroen
Kamila Fitrani
Staff and Equipment: Ricky Wira Yudha (coordinator)
Irfan Budianto Supplies
Muhammad Hafiz Ensya
Dicky Afriadi
Dina Maryana
Elvira Kumalasari
Ryan Bonar Tobyas
R. Hasta W.
Donny Pranata
Luthfika Shabrina
Yurike Rizkhika
Staff Costume: Firsya Diftinanda (coordinator)
Tamia Trosa
Raka Aditya R.
Marshelino Panji
Aliya Mayendra
Wa Ruckie Sholata
Beautiful Azura
M. Alvin Nazil Febriansyah
Yolla Aprillia
Staff Welfare: Ari Hidayat (coordinator)
Nurika Queen
Dina Maria
Lucky Stefano Samuel Situmorang
Evelin Daughter Agness
Annisa Dezilia
Lea Lastary Adriyanti
Rangga Dwi Wira
King Panji Islami

Section Leader FC: Vishnu Pamungkas Dewanta
Section Leader Highbrass: Day Mardani
Middlebrass Section Leader: Cindy Fitri
Section Leader Lowbrass: Satria Anggara
Percussion Section Leader: Inda Ningtyas Yanuwardani
Section Leader Colorguard: Dita Dwi Putri

Team Coach:

Yuli Heryanto (coach brass)
Iwan Arif Rakhman (coach & pit percussion instrument)
M. Akbar Rayanto (coach color guard)
Adi Noor Said (coach drill & display)

Marching Band Bahana Universitas Indonesia | Indonesia Corps Profile

Formation  Marching Band Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia started from Genta Kusuma foundation by Mr. Benjamin Mangkoedilaga Loka on May 10, 1964. After several years, Genta Kusuma Loka finally having a vacuum. On December 26, 1978 Student Council Band Drum UI founded the University of Indonesia. The organization was initiated by Burhan Mallarangan was originally intended to carry the banner of the alma mater the University of Indonesia.

Under the leadership of A. Soeriakoesoema, University of Indonesia Band Drum unit transform into a Marching Band on May 17, 1983. Marching band was then awarded the name "Madah Bahana" by the Rector of the University of Indonesia at that time, Prof.. DR. Nugroho Notosusanto (late), which means 'hymn rang out'.
During his journey, many parties have contributed to the development of Madah Bahana. In the field of instrumentation,  Madah Bahana much assisted by Mr. Amir Machmud (late) and Mr. Bustanil Arifin.

Madah Bahana also received help from many prominent musicians, among others, Arie Tess (late), Amir Katamsi, Ireng Maulana, Elfa Secioria, Tamam Hussein, Hadi Susanto, Eric Awuy, Addie MS, Rene Conway and many other musicians. After year after year continue to make improvements Madah Bahana began to show his achievements.
With the development of sustainable, MBUI trying to be better, entertain, achievement and useful to society. Accomplishments achieved by MBUI and it the name of Indonesia both at National and International


International Achievement
• 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, The 13th World Music Competition, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 1997
• Excellent Performance, The International Youth Band Festival, Canberra, Australia, 1995
• 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, The 12th World Music Competition, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 1993

National Achievement
• Winner, Color Guard Contest Darunnajah Marching Band Competition, 2007
• General Division IV rating, the Grand Prix Marching Band XXIII, 2007
• General Division III Champion, Grand Prix Marching Band XXII, 2006
• General Division Winner, Grand Prix Marching Band XXI, 2005
• Champion Commercial Division II, Grand Prix Marching Band XX. 2004
• Commercial Division II champion Grand Prix Marching Band XIX, 2003
• Rank 5 Color Guard Contest Hamengkubuwono Cup, 2003
• General Division Winner Grand Prix Marching Band XVIII, 2002
• Operator, Jakarta Marching Competition, Venues Soemantri Brodjonegoro Student-Kuningan, Jakarta, 2002
• Champion, National Championship Marching Band Drum Hamengkubuwono Cup, 2001
• Ranked V, Grand Prix Marching Band XVI, 2000
• Best Team Clothing, Grand Prix Marching Band XVI, 2000
• Operator, Jakarta Marching Competition, Venues Soemantri Brodjonegoro Student-Kuningan, Jakarta, 2000
• Champion, National Championship Marching Band Drum Hamengkubuwono Cup, 1999
• Best Color Guard, the National Championship Marching Band Drum Hamengkubuwono Cup, 1999

International Appearances
• The 13th World Music Competition, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 1997
• Mission Culture, Rotterdam and The Hague, Netherlands, 1997
• Cultural Mission, Paris, France, 1997
• The International Youth Band Festival, Canberra, Australia, 1995
• The 12th World Music Competition, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 1993
• Cultural Mission, the Netherlands and Germany, 1993
• 4th Japan International Youth Musicale, Shizouka, Japan, 1988
• Pamitra Lelana Indonesia, Singapore, 1982

National Appearances
• Appearance Homecoming alumni of the University of Indonesia, 2008
• Appearance 5 SMEs Semi UI, performances of "Leaves of Art at the point of Fire", GKI, Jakarta, 2007
• Appearance Ivory Carnival, HUT Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, 2006
• Jakarnaval, DKI Jakarta Anniversary Commemoration, 2006
• Parade & Display Configuration, HUT-shih, Bung Karno, Jakarta, 2006
• Appearance Twilight Parade, Warning Hut RI-60, the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, 2005
• Anniversary of the chamber, Puri Sahid Jakarta, 2004
• Sampoerna Hijau Volleyball, Tennis Indooe Senayan, 2004
• Appearance Parade, Carnival Design HUT DKI, 2003
• Appearance Brazilian Carnival, Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta, 2003
• Appearances at Vico Indonesia, Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, 2003
• Musicademia with the Twilite Orchestra, Plaza Senayan & Plaza Indonesia, 2002
• Indonesia Open Jazz, Ancol, Jakarta, 2002
• Marketing Gathering TV 7, JHCC, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Parade, Carnival Hut DKI, 2002
• Appearance PORDA, Venues Soemantri Brodjonegoro Student, Jakarta, 2002
• Waiver Participants Cross-Team Pantura Isuzu, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Hut National Gobel, Senayan, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Standard Chartered, Senayan, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Tonight UI Fund, JHCC, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Panguyuban Chinnese, Hailai, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Gathering Aetna, Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, 2002
• World AIDS Day Parade, Jakarta, 2002
• Appearance Opening Walk UI, Depok, 2002

Shape Appearance:
- Brass Band
- Ensemble
- Parade
- Concert
- Display
- Colour of Guard

Songs Played :
Little Brown Jug (Glenn Miller), In The Mood (Glenn Miller), American Patrol (Glenn Miller), Serenade in Marbo and Ida (Marko S), Untukku, When The Saint Marching In Monica, Happy Day, New York-New York, Woogie-Boogie, Fly Me To The Moon, Can’t Take My Eyes, Mambo No. 5, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Cantina Band, Bohemian Raphsody, Brazilian, I Feel Good, Rockin ‘Robbin, Something Stupid, March To Kerkrade, Genderang UI, Berkibarlah Bendera, Negeri di Awan, Pesta, Mahadaya Cinta, Sempurna, etc..

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Keep Marching! | Marhing Article

The Gunnery Sergeant assigned to my class during Officer Candidate School (OCS) was big, mean and made Lou Gossett Jr. (from an "Officer and a Gentleman") look like a kitty cat.  Seemingly, he loved the heat; he loved to see us sweat; and he especially loved to have us march.  Our only form of transportation was marching - which made the shoes we wore were extremely important to the overall well-being of our bodies.  Once broken in and properly polished, a "good pair of shoes" was priceless.
My shoes became my best companion:  comfortable, functional, and almost familiar with my footsteps - cushioning the pressures my whole body endured as I "right flanked" here or "obliqued" there (marching moves).  Unfortunately, due to the heavy wear and tough conditions, my shoes would wear out quickly which meant getting a new pair and repeating the sometimes painful process of polishing, breaking them in, and adapting to their fit.
As leaders, we all have that one team member that is like a quality pair of shoes.  We obtain them, polish them, break them in, and use them for all occasions - proceeding to grind them down until there is nothing left.  When we're done, we get a new pair and start the process all over again.  Sure, we remember the last pair fondly and hate breaking in new ones, but do understand it's necessary if we are going to keep marching.  If you want even wear, extended "shoe" life, and the ability to "double time" to your next destination without the blisters, discomfort, and time associated with breaking in a new pair, you need to be attentive to some shoe facts.
Fact #1: Rotating your shoes extends their life.  Take the time to bring multiple team members in on projects, break them in, polish them and expand your circle of influence by evenly distributing workload between all.  Yes, some shoes fit great and it seems effortless to march in them but the others would be equally comfortable if we wore them more often.
Fact #2Your posture can affect wear.   How we march affects how evenly our shoes will wear.  Digging our heals, leaning too much to one side, too much to the front, or pounding the pavement too hard takes it's toll on the "souls" of our team members and also their usefulness.  Standing straight, marching forward, and stepping consistently even keeps their "souls" in tact.
Fact #3: Shoe "Fit" affects everything.   Use the right shoes for the right occasion.  Sure, you can run in combat boots but you're not going to get there very quickly.  There are shoes that are made for every occasion. The same applies for team members.   Not that they can't function in another capacity (it's good to try it out) but the entire body can be affected by an extended bad "fit."
Fact #4Overall care matters more than anything.  Keeping your shoes polished, not abusing them, and protecting them from the elements ensures continued productivity and extends their life.  Treat them well and you will enjoy their function and comfort for a very long time.
In the end, we are all marching somewhere.  It can be at a double time or slow pace.  The direction can be to the left, to the right or "mark time" (in place).  It may be of our own accord or we may have a big, mean, Gunnery Sergeant pushing us to our limits.  Regardless, how well we choose, care for, and march in our shoes affects more than just where we are going - it affects the whole body.  Being attentive to these 4 facts will have your team continually looking sharp, wearing evenly, and enjoying a long, productive work life (and, yes, will also keep the "Gunny" off your back).  KEEP MARCHING!

How to Choreograph a Marching Band | Marching Tips

A marching band refers to a group of musicians with instruments that play music and perform movements like marching or other harmonized movements. The performance will depend upon the theme of the event like inauguration of functions, sporting events etc.

The performance of marching band depends upon the music and the skill to move as single unit. Choreography is a beautiful way of artistic expression of certain music in a field using forms, shapes, dance and color. The band should show many moves in different combinations performing music.

Marching band choreographers should plan the moves of musicians and help them in learning complex moves, if needed. Their job is to improve the quality of the performance. Marching bands can form geometric shapes, pictures or letters to make words. This type is usually followed by scramble bands (one of the type of marching bands) where band members make moves between combination making comedic situations and elements. The choreographers should make the movements of the marching band according to the theme.

They should make the style based upon the music and look for musical clues such as beats, breaks and lifts. They should be able to determine whether tunes are repeated and plan the steps. Repeat of tunes may make the audience concentrate on music and the movements. The other important aspect is to make simple basics block which will allow the musicians to have control of body movements.

They should not create new movements which are difficult and keep the abilities of musicians in mind. Simple steps combined with perfect coordination among the musicians may make the performance appear impressive than complicated steps performed immeticulously by the musicians.

The most important fact is that specific instruments should be placed in groups, like saxophone in one area, trumpets in another etc. Their positioning is important as the trumpets and drums if put in the front may dissolve all noise coming behind like woodwind instruments.

It is very well known that field shows of marching bands include musicianship and strong presence of mind and body. It is the responsibility of the choreographers to make the show as simple as possible for the musicians while for the audience, it should be a memorable display of music and craftsmanship.

It doesn't take a special person to be part of a band. It takes dedication and a strong work ethic. If this is something you're interested in, check with your local school district for opportunities.

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Drum corps on my mind | DCI News

Drum corps enthusiasts can be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here’s just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Teto K. 3 day work week with a drum corps show in the middle? Sure!

Susan C. Thank you Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps for making July 4 a special event at Audubon High School.

Marc M. ok so our new uniforms came this weekend ...all i can say is its the most covered ive ever benn in a drum corps/ color gaurd show...i felt like an eskimo!!

James C. In Utah =) there's nothing out here, this bus has some "interesting smells" gotta love Drum Corps =D

Kyle C. Happy 4th to all my friends in other drum corps. Hope your parades were as awesome as mine

Sara B. just went out for ice cream:) now time for more drum corps lol watching DCI 2009 REALLY makes me miss BAC

Kahle S. 4th of July in Boston, Massachusetts. Well Wakefield but close enough! I love Drum Corps!

Cristian G. It's times like these that makes me LOVE drum corps more each day!! I love interacting with diff corps!! The two parades in Bristol, RI and Wakefield, MA were fun(: I'll def remember this day!

Gustavo P. What do you get when you have a parade five drum corps and a near by Mc Donalds ?! Lol

Tim C. One, two, three, four, I love drum corps

Andrew W. Parade day! It would be a lot better if we hadnt had to get up at 6...on 5 hours of sleep...but hey! Its drum corps!

Michael S. Yesterday was Tooting and Banging Day (a.k.a. Drum and Bugle Corps competition day) in Bristol. I went: the kids were spectacular as usual, and it only rained a little bit. Today is the Big Parade. I'll get double Bristol points for going to that, too. We'll see how much shade I can find.

Roque C. Drum Corps, once again, the best!!! Good luck to all the groups this season! I'm buying it on dvd for sure!

Debby B. s What i love is my drum corps true friends are like family, even after 20~30 years they are still there for me, thank you

Patrick D. is a super proud band director today, after seeing eight students march in three different drum corps!

Donna P. DCI was amazing- brought back a lot of memories seeing drum corps with my dad at the old Manning Bowl.

Shane M. That person in the crowd that reacts to big drum corps hits and the expressions he makes is what's on my mind haha

Indonesia's best marching band player | Ricika Iwukaska

Indonesia actually has a lot of the best players in Indonesia, but indomarching right to choose, and choose with consideration indomarching quite convincing.

Ricika Iwukaska, he was the best player for this time, why he was named the best player in the category indomarching? ricika iwukaska have a lot of experience in the marching band at the age of a teenager.

Ricika iwukaska beginning is that he played in one of the drum corps in the small town, and he turned into the tuba player for the government in the province of Banten, Banten province has a large group marching band named MB. Gita Surosowan Banten.

Ricika iwukaska explore the tuba in a period of one year, maybe a short amount of time, when the appearance of MB. Gita Surosowan Bantam in the tournament GPMB 2007 in one of the songs on playing, he played a solo in the middle of the display, all the spectators amazed at the sight of ricika iwukaska solo action. Ricika iwukaska is one - the only player who did the tuba solo in 2007.

In 2008, he moved the position in the MB. Gita Surosowan Banten became a trumpet player, in december ricika iwukaska contest in the tournament Solohorn GPMB 2008, he was ranked 2nd Indonesia.
In 2009, ricika carve a medal in the contest in the tournament solohorn GPMB 2009, he held an Indonesian peringkaj, these results are very proud, and proud also for the MB. Gita Surosowan Banten, because it has a talented player like him.

In 2010, ricika iwukaska solohorn contest again, was ranked second in Indonesia with a value of 83.50, the difference in championship points with a 00:50 which has a value of 84.00

In addition to the above achievements ricika iwukaska also become the best player in MB. Gita Surosowan Banten,, he is currently an assistant coach, he also trained drum bands and other marching bands in Indonesia.

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

History Of PDBI indonesia | Marching Story | PDBI

PDBI (Persatuan Drumband Indonesia)The symbol of the lotus-shaped PDBI organization with five angles and a blue base color. In the center ring, there are bands that form drumb equipment: 1 piece bell lyra, one drum and a stick Dum Major, red, white and yellow.

Meaning the form:

Lotus: Residents PDBI always ready in fostering young people, educating the nation's shoots.

Ring: Symbol of sports amateurism, that with our sports bina maysarakat nation towards a healthy and prosperous.

Bands Tool: With the beat and bang the drums, as well as a squeaky twang Bell lyra playing tuneful, in line and rhythm, so as to evoke the spirit of love homeland, Indonesia.

Meaning of colors:

Blue: As a basic symbol of a peaceful, lasting and prosperous

Yellow: Five point of lotus flowers and rings amateurism; sublime ideals PDBI yangberlandaskan Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945.

White: letters Unity Drum Band Indonesia, the struggle of the sanctity of amateurism Unity Drum Band Indonesia.

Red: The Drum Major and Drum Sticks, courage, discipline, warriors in the struggle to raise the name of nation and state.

Brief History

Bands in Indonesia actually has a lot of fans but in the history of the establishment, this organization has not been there long. IBHS appear at the urging of the Office of hard exercise and KONI DKI DKI Jaya Jaya therefore Wanodya Dharma Foundation, a bevy of bands in Jakarta, on 25 September 1977 took the initiative to convene a meeting with all club bands in Jakarta Raya. The first meeting continued with a second meeting on October 7, 1977. The decision meeting, the group was formed consisting of 5 people, to prepare the establishment of umbrella organization bands. The fifth person is B. Nurdanadharma, Gusanto Mulyohardjo, Drs. Zaidan Hendy, Slamet Nugrahono and E. Sukarno. Even the Government of DKI Jaya urges further to soon, the organization was formed with SK Governor of DKI Jaya No. KDH. 700 whose contents specify that the activity bands nurtured by the Department of Sport and KONI DKI Jaya.

In short in December 1977, formed the New Testament. PDBI (Unity Drum Band Indonesia) with some rules that are still tentative, including the Articles of Association. According to the calculation of the existing number of units of bands throughout Indonesia more than what was recorded by 84 bands. In fact after extensive relationships with all Regents and Mayors throughout Indonesia, received a positive response, and enrolled 400 units marching band, spread over 25 prospinsi. Of the many units of bands, it turns out that once participated in the Open championships bands Jakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono Cup and National Championship IX. In addition there are championships in areas, such as in Surabaya, Purwokerto, Medan and others. Until now there is no standardization of the race regulations. Being used is the application of some aspects of the sport rules contained in the activities of bands such as: aspects of education, health, prestatief, and last Hankamnas in the framework of national resilience.

History Of Marching Bands | Marching Story

marching band
drum band
Marching band is a group of line of people who play one or more songs using a combination of instruments (brass, percussion, and a number of pit instruments) together and display a combination of music and action games on the parade of players (display). Generally, the appearance of the Marching Band is led by one Gitapati and one / two majorette, do outdoor or indoor, in rows that form a pattern formation with a constantly changing according to the flow of choreography to the song being played, and accompanied also by the action of dances performed by number of players Color Guard.
Marching Band are generally categorized by function, number of members, composition and type of equipment used, and the style looks. Initially known as the Marching Band ,Drum Band another name. Marching Band Appearances at the beginning was as a companion festival, parade or celebration conducted outdoors in line with a fixed and rigid patterns, as well as playing marching songs. The dynamics of the appearance of balance is obtained through individual attractions made by majorette, or some instrument player personnel. But this time the music game Marching Band can do outdoor and indoor as performers in a celebration, or a championship.
The composition of the Marching Band played the music is generally more harmonious and not merely play songs in the form of marches, the variety of equipment used is more complex, more dynamic line formations, and his performance style makes Marching Band is a separate and distinct categories with orchestra row formerly called a drum band. At that time, drum band generally has a composition of the use of percussion instruments more than instrumenmusik inflatable. Typical shape and appearance of the most recognized Marching Band Marching Band is owned by the military or police institutions.


Marching Band stems from ancient tradition as the activities performed by several musicians who play music together and performed while walking to accompany a celebration or festival. Along with the growth in time, Marching Band evolved into more structured in the military in the early days of the city state era. This forms the basis of the initial military marching band that later became the beginning of the Marching Band at this time. Although the pattern Marching Band has evolved far, there are still quite a lot of military traditions survive in culture Marching Band now. Military tradition is seen in uniform attributes are used, the procedure runs, the model of instruction in the exercise are still largely an adaptation of the military tradition that has been adjusted in such a way.
In Indonesia the culture Marching Band is a further development of the culture drum band that had previously been under the auspices of the organization PDBI (Drum Band All-Indonesia Association) is fostered by Menpora. Marching Band was born as an activity that focuses on the game performances of music and visuals in a balanced way, in contrast with the drum band that focuses more as a sport. During its development, the Marching Band in Indonesia are many variations of techniques to adapt a game that used by groups drum corps in America, especially on percussion instruments. This makes the feature game in the appearance of the Marching Band to be more easily distinguished from the band's drum style appearance.

• Instruments

Instruments used in the Marching Band can generally be grouped in several categories by type and how to play. Instruments in Marching Band are grouped into 4, namely brass, percussion, pit, flag / Color Gurard. This grouping also indirectly affects the organizational structure of coaching is generally specified by the categories, each category has its own coach. In addition to coaching, this grouping is generally affects the social behavior of the players involved with creating the social classes that make up the non-formal group pride.

1. Brass instruments
At first, the variety of brass instruments used in marching band identical to that used drum band. But in its development, the variety of brass instruments become more modern. Examples - examples of musical instruments Marching Band furnaces which are used commonly are:
• Trumpets
• Fluglehorn
• Mellophone
• trombone
• Contra Bass / Tuba
• Saxophone
• Flute

2. Percussion Instruments
Percussion instruments in a marching band is a type mobile instrument carried by the player and played in a row as well as brass instruments. Section who plays percussion instruments while walking is also called the drum line or battery. Variety of percussion instruments used Marching Band is generally less than those used in the past. The instruments are:
• Snare drum
• Quint
• Bass Drum
• Hand Cymbals

3. Musical Instruments Pit (static)
Instruments pit is basically a pitched percussion instrument. In the Marching Band performances, this instrument type is static, the players did not participate in a line like the other instruments but play it in front of the field which is used in appearance. Variety of orchestral instruments used are generally more varied than the sequence drum band. Some of the group Marching Band sometimes even assemble your own pit instruments to produce unique sounds in music that is played. Examples of commonly used instruments in the pit of the Marching Band performances include:
• xylophone
• Vibraphone
• Marimba
• Cymbal Stand
• Chinese Gong
• tympanic
• bass drum concert
• Tubular bell

4. Instruments Flag (Color Guard)

Instruments flag is not used to playing music, but used by players as a tool to produce dance action-effects of certain visual effects that support the appearance. In practice, this instrument players do not always use the flag as an accessory, but can use other tools such as wooden gun (rifle), scarves, pennants, ergantung the choreography to support the overall appearance. But usually the basic instruments used are flags and wooden rifles (rifle).

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Marching Band Rehearsal Techniques | Marching Band Tips

The impressive performance of marching band depends on the coordination as well as the musical skills among the musicians. Strong foundation is the basic key of success. This can be reading of rhythm and pulse awareness to name a few.
There are a few important techniques which may be taken into consideration regarding rehearsals:
If the marching band is practicing for a certain section of the show, other members like choreographers should stand aside and tap musicians who make mistakes like faulty steps, instrument held in improper position etc. The tapped musicians should be made to leave the group while the others should perform. The musicians who have committed a mistake should be briefed and then once again the whole procedure is started. This can be done as many times as possible. This strategy will make the performers aware of their mistakes.
Instruments should have rhythm and the marching band musicians should perform according to the tune of the whole group. Removal of percussion fragment from musical mix will help the musicians to balance the rhythm. Regular practice combined with guidance by the choreographer or coordinator will help the total group in this aspect.
The best form of rehearsal for the marching band would be to make a marching rehearsal without their instruments, but they should visually interact with band members.
The key to best performances are the marching basics block. Simple blocks make the musicians concentrate on placement of foot, upper and lower body technique, changes in direction etc.
It is also important to stress that different situations may need various types of attention and modification, so it is better to keep a calm mind and do right things at the right time.
The excellent path to impressive performance of the marching band is the number of practice sessions. The choreographer or coordinator should take steps to make the participants know the why, how, doing it wrong and steps to get the rhythm right to have an excellent performance. If one person is off, the entire band could be off.
Choreograph takes patience and dedication. You're not going to learn this in one day, possibly not even in one week. It all depends on how much work you put into learning the steps. This should be practiced every single day, even when you're not actually on the field.

Ways to Find Great Marching Band Music | Marching Band Tips

Today it's not difficult to find marching band music through reliable resources. On the other hand the coordinator of a marching band will be continually searching for better music to entertain the gathering.
The band genre of music is similar to music genre that we listen to everyday. Below is a list of ways to find great and better marching band music, so that musical performance would become successful.
1: Browse through internet or search engine by entering keywords like band marching music or marching band music. The website results would lead to you to thousands of websites offering comprehensive on marching music. In addition some of the sites offer online listening and purchasing facilities.
2: Suppose if you are not able to find a reliable resource on search engine results. Then locate a local college or high school website that has a marching band. Afterwards check out to which kind of music that band has performed in past. If the music interests you then request for the same or contact concerned college for band music.
3: Search for the sheet music pertaining to band marching at music stores, college or high school. It is advised for a person to get original marching music for band instead of purchasing a copy of music on internet.
4: Track down music stores in your locality or conduct online research to check out variety of band marching music available. Large music stores and music sites carry popular band marching music.
5: Finally verify the football games schedules, because during half time period you will be able to catch field show from particular band performance. In addition even during sporting events there is a possibility of performance from marching band commonly referred to as pep bands.
Finding this type of music may not be as hard as you would think. Many stores will often provide discounts for this type of performing arts. The best way to find it - go out and look for it. Your teacher may also know good places to find great music, as well as local musicians.
Just like band competitions, finding good music can also take hard work, patience, and dedication. Once you've found a good location for it, make sure you hold on to it. You never know when you'll need more. Make sure to always ask your parents before searching for this, you never know what they may already know.

Tips on Designing a Marching Band Costume | Marching Tips

The term marching band refers to a group of musicians who play outdoors on special occasions like a sporting event or as a display. These bands are colorfully dressed and help in lifting the spirits and keeping it up.
Here are a few tips you can bear in mind before choosing or designing a band costume:
Conduct an extensive study of the available costumes and the companies that cater to designing costumes for marching bands. There are numerous companies that make costumes and it is most advantageous if you do your homework and find out which of these companies offer the best services and choose accordingly.
• You can also check out a few books like "The Marching Band handbook" that gives you extensive knowledge on marching bands.
• It is always better if you take pointers from the members of the band on various aspects of designing a costume. It is always better if you select a costume that is brightly colored in the colors of the school or college so that your band is distinguished from the others.
• Accessorize with feathers and brightly colored helmets and hats that match your uniform, these aspects score more point with judges. The more innovative you are with the uniforms he more point you get.
• Make sure that the uniforms fit all the members of the band. You can do this by taking individual measurements of the members so none of them have to battle with extra small or large costumes.
• The most important part of the marching band is accuracy so every aspect of it should be accurate including the uniforms. Ensure all the members of the band are neatly attired in the costume. The costumes should be crisp and neatly pressed to make a lasting impression with judges.
The hardest part of the costume will be putting the pieces together, meaning sewing the costumes. It's best to find a local seamstress to create the costumes, or a club booster who will help with the pricing. Money for the costumes can be raised through local fundraising campaigns, as well as marching band shows.
Your costume is very important with your theme. If your theme is western, your costume must be western wear. If the theme is Christmas, the crowd should see Santa Clause and elf costumes. This will pull them into the show, more than if you're wearing street clothing. Be sure to capture their attention.

Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

The Basic Of Marching Bands

Marching band is a term given to musicians, dance teams, or color guard members that play woodwinds, brass, or percussion instruments while adding marching with their performance. They wear costumes that consists of the organization or school's name or symbols as part of the uniform.
Marching bands are differentiated by size, function, and style of their performance.They usually perform in parades which are outdoors, but they also perform in indoor concerts that apply the traditions and flair from outside performances. They also perform at unique events such as band competitions, especially during sporting events.
Marching bands are believed to be originated from the troops of wandering musicians who performed at celebrations, functions, or festivals throughout the world in ancient times. Bands with names pertaining to certain areas came into prominence after emergence of different states, named "Military Bands". This is the main reason why many marching bands still wear costumes similar to military uniforms.
There are various types of marching bands:
Military bands: These bands have been classified by historians as the first type of marching band. The instrumentation rarely varies from the percussion and brass instruments. They usually march forward in straight lines and the music is played in a continuous form to assist the military group who march to the tune and rhythm.
Show Bands: These bands generally perform at sporting events providing entertainment.
Carnival Bands: These bands usually participate in sports competitions and parades. They usually use instruments of percussion and brass.
Scramble bands: They are also known as Scatter Bands and they often include humorous rudiments in their performances.
Drum and Bugle corps style: These bands follow the military type of marching along with the music. They are divided into classic and modern bands.
Some other important changes that have occurred in marching bands are the addition of dance lines and the inclusion of color guard members. In recent days, most music bands are usually associated with American football besides the military and police organizations.
No matter what type of band your performing in, hard work and dedication are the keys to success. Yes, it's going to be a lot of work. Though, a person can learn so much through these types of bands, including team work and patience. If one person is unable to perform at their highest level, the entire band can be thrown off. This takes a level of commitment that can surpass most recreational activities.

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