Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

MB. Gita Surosowan banten | Indonesia Corps Profile

Gita Surosowan banten is a government marching band, marching band Gita Surosowan banten, is a combination of selected students in the province banten, but in it there are also players who have the age to work, the whole purpose of marching band Gita Surosowan banten are dependents of government, like tools accommodation up to the player. marching band Gita Surosowan banten is one of the marching band in Indonesia that has the achievement increased very rapidly, within 6 years has had the following accomplishments:

2006: first follow GPMB 2006
2007: 10th position in a general category GPMB
2008: 5th position in the general category GPMB
2009: 4th position in a general category GPMB
2010: 10th position in a general category GPMB
2011: follow the international level Championship wcmsb2011 in malaysia kuala-kumpur upcoming July 23

In addition to the above achievements, marching bands often utilized susosowan banten provincial government for important events, such as during a ceremony at the government routinely gita Surosowan marching band, music was always present as instrumentnya. In the days of Indonesia, marching band Surosowan also been present as an instrument during the independence day ceremony in the palace of the Republic of Indonesia.

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