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History Of Marching Bands | Marching Story

marching band
drum band
Marching band is a group of line of people who play one or more songs using a combination of instruments (brass, percussion, and a number of pit instruments) together and display a combination of music and action games on the parade of players (display). Generally, the appearance of the Marching Band is led by one Gitapati and one / two majorette, do outdoor or indoor, in rows that form a pattern formation with a constantly changing according to the flow of choreography to the song being played, and accompanied also by the action of dances performed by number of players Color Guard.
Marching Band are generally categorized by function, number of members, composition and type of equipment used, and the style looks. Initially known as the Marching Band ,Drum Band another name. Marching Band Appearances at the beginning was as a companion festival, parade or celebration conducted outdoors in line with a fixed and rigid patterns, as well as playing marching songs. The dynamics of the appearance of balance is obtained through individual attractions made by majorette, or some instrument player personnel. But this time the music game Marching Band can do outdoor and indoor as performers in a celebration, or a championship.
The composition of the Marching Band played the music is generally more harmonious and not merely play songs in the form of marches, the variety of equipment used is more complex, more dynamic line formations, and his performance style makes Marching Band is a separate and distinct categories with orchestra row formerly called a drum band. At that time, drum band generally has a composition of the use of percussion instruments more than instrumenmusik inflatable. Typical shape and appearance of the most recognized Marching Band Marching Band is owned by the military or police institutions.


Marching Band stems from ancient tradition as the activities performed by several musicians who play music together and performed while walking to accompany a celebration or festival. Along with the growth in time, Marching Band evolved into more structured in the military in the early days of the city state era. This forms the basis of the initial military marching band that later became the beginning of the Marching Band at this time. Although the pattern Marching Band has evolved far, there are still quite a lot of military traditions survive in culture Marching Band now. Military tradition is seen in uniform attributes are used, the procedure runs, the model of instruction in the exercise are still largely an adaptation of the military tradition that has been adjusted in such a way.
In Indonesia the culture Marching Band is a further development of the culture drum band that had previously been under the auspices of the organization PDBI (Drum Band All-Indonesia Association) is fostered by Menpora. Marching Band was born as an activity that focuses on the game performances of music and visuals in a balanced way, in contrast with the drum band that focuses more as a sport. During its development, the Marching Band in Indonesia are many variations of techniques to adapt a game that used by groups drum corps in America, especially on percussion instruments. This makes the feature game in the appearance of the Marching Band to be more easily distinguished from the band's drum style appearance.

• Instruments

Instruments used in the Marching Band can generally be grouped in several categories by type and how to play. Instruments in Marching Band are grouped into 4, namely brass, percussion, pit, flag / Color Gurard. This grouping also indirectly affects the organizational structure of coaching is generally specified by the categories, each category has its own coach. In addition to coaching, this grouping is generally affects the social behavior of the players involved with creating the social classes that make up the non-formal group pride.

1. Brass instruments
At first, the variety of brass instruments used in marching band identical to that used drum band. But in its development, the variety of brass instruments become more modern. Examples - examples of musical instruments Marching Band furnaces which are used commonly are:
• Trumpets
• Fluglehorn
• Mellophone
• trombone
• Contra Bass / Tuba
• Saxophone
• Flute

2. Percussion Instruments
Percussion instruments in a marching band is a type mobile instrument carried by the player and played in a row as well as brass instruments. Section who plays percussion instruments while walking is also called the drum line or battery. Variety of percussion instruments used Marching Band is generally less than those used in the past. The instruments are:
• Snare drum
• Quint
• Bass Drum
• Hand Cymbals

3. Musical Instruments Pit (static)
Instruments pit is basically a pitched percussion instrument. In the Marching Band performances, this instrument type is static, the players did not participate in a line like the other instruments but play it in front of the field which is used in appearance. Variety of orchestral instruments used are generally more varied than the sequence drum band. Some of the group Marching Band sometimes even assemble your own pit instruments to produce unique sounds in music that is played. Examples of commonly used instruments in the pit of the Marching Band performances include:
• xylophone
• Vibraphone
• Marimba
• Cymbal Stand
• Chinese Gong
• tympanic
• bass drum concert
• Tubular bell

4. Instruments Flag (Color Guard)

Instruments flag is not used to playing music, but used by players as a tool to produce dance action-effects of certain visual effects that support the appearance. In practice, this instrument players do not always use the flag as an accessory, but can use other tools such as wooden gun (rifle), scarves, pennants, ergantung the choreography to support the overall appearance. But usually the basic instruments used are flags and wooden rifles (rifle).

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